About Crazylace

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Who are we ?

Crazylace is a French family business specialized in the sale of laces online since 2009 for shoes and accessories.

A pioneer in the field of lace diversity, Crazylace France has been dressing your shoes for 11 years. .

We had this crazy idea (hence the crazy name) to work the single product by highlighting the clothing of the shoe and being able to customize it with different types of laces.

We work on classic lace-up styles, printed laces & sports laces.

Major brands have trusted us: Converse, Nike, Espace Foot, Carrefour, Tie Rack and Franprix-Casino France

Our goal is to always be on the lookout for the best manufactures and to create models of quality.


Today Crazylace is more than 600 models & 46 COLORS



The essential brand for your shoes and Premium quality.

We were the first to market U Lace laces in France (mini elastic laces for adults and children)

We sell all over the world: USA - Middle East - Italy - Spain - Belgium - Germany - Ireland ...

"CRAZYLACE is also the creation of laces, like waxed lace, linen lace, &leather lace & our round laces paracord 550 the new collection Dec 2019."


The ecological aspect attract us hugely why throw shoes, while we can just change the laces, waxed or simply restore them by taking care of his shoes or sneakers to continue to walk long with. A good way to do recycling ...

When we know that:

 "300 million children" can not afford to buy shoes in the world.

We also chose to limit the packaging of our laces to avoid having too much plastic.French shop of shoe laces and sneaker laces