Waxed cotton laces

Waxed cotton laces



100% cotton waxed shoelaces collections

We have chosen different collections of waxed cotton shoelaces to meet the demands of your dress shoesand trendy sneakers, because shoes change all the time.

You will find the classic colorful collection the fine waxed round shoelaces for shoes Derbies and brogues, the collection of Ultra fine waxed flat shoelaces for shoes with little eyelets. The current trend is wide flat waxed shoelaces for your Nike and Adidas sneakers ...

So the long waxed shoelaces for your ankle boots and the fancy long twisted shoelaces and snake waxed shoelaces.

The waxed lace the chic and casual.

100% waxed cotton fine round shoelaces

                     lacets ronds cirés pour chaussures de ville

Your old shoelaces against our most elegant round waxed shoelaces in beautiful colorful colors made in France            


Flat waxed flat shoelaces

          Elegant, shiny, colorful flat shoelaces for oxford city shoes and more                

                        Lacets cirés plats fins

Waxed flat shoelaces for sneakers

 Colored waxed flat laces of 1 cm in cotton for your sneakers and shoes

                              waxed flat laces for snakers and basket

Snake waxed flat shoelaces

                   New flat waxed laces with snakeskin print

                             snake print flat laces 4 colors

Long round waxed shoelaces 100% cotton in 180 cm

Pretty long waxed shoelaces for ankle boots, this is available in round and flat for a magnificent rendering

                              Lacets cirés longs 100 % coton en 180 cm

Long twisted waxed round shoelaces

                      Lacets ronds cirés longs torsadés

Very original boot shoelaces with its aspect of marine rope in waxed shoelace will bring a touch of fantasy.