Flat shoelaces

Flat shoelaces

We offer a range of 300 models of plain or printed flat shoelaces that will dress up your most beautiful sneakers and shoes.

We have selected by ourselves original laces, sport ...of quality. 

Now it's up to you to customize your shoes and a good lacing!


Colorful classic flat shoelaces


pink, yellow ....) They are become essential for our casual or sporty sneakers.   


Premium skateboard flat shoelaces

The skateboard collection is designed to produce a better lace and beautiful manufacture

Thick flat laces skateboard collection             

wide flat shoelaces strength and flexibility

              2 cm wide extra flat  laces that will bring a touch of originality to your shoes  ans sneakers      

                                   big flat laces crazylace

Fine waxed flat laces

"Special" waxed laces with small eyelets

Fine waxed flat shoelaces

Imitation leather shoelaces

     Leather or imitation leather flat laces for two-color city basketball


Plain & two-tone glitter flat shoelaces

Lacets plats paillettes unis & bicolores                                  

Glossy flat acets in Lurex ideal to bring brillal

Jeans flat shoelaces

A collection of original shoelaces in cotton jeans, several styles and colors for sale

                         Collections lacets plats denims

Wide satin & Organza flat shoelaces

Flat satin cotton laces 2 cm wide to bring a 50s "Marylin Monroetyle with a lot of elegance to yo

                         Lacets plats larges voilages

Brazilian style flat shoelaces

 Lucky character, let yourself be inspired by our colorful Brazilian flat shoelaces     

                            Lacets plats styles brésiliens colorés

Sport flat shoelaces

                              Lacets plats tissés sport

Tie and dye flat shoelaces

pretty plain or colored gradient flat laces will bring a "Hippie" style to your sneakers

                              Lacets plats tie and dye

Colorful long flat shoelaces

lat sLacets plats longs coloréshoelaces for high shoes with more than 7 eyelets, Converse, Doc Martens ...


Printed flat shoelace

A collection of original flat laces with different patterns and colors for children and teenagers

                             Lacets plats imprimés plusieurs modèles                   


Phosphorescent flat shoelaces

This collection of phosphorescent flat shoelaces will bring cheerfulness to your shoes "but not only ..."            

                             Lacets plats phosphorescents