Round shoelaces

Round shoelaces

Color laces round and oval

We offer a wide choice of round sports shoelaces for your "Nike, adidas..." running shoes or round "Salomon" trek shoelaces for your outdoor outings and also oval replacement shoelaces.

You will find a collection of waxed round shoelaces for your city shoes and glitter round shoelaces for fashionnistas!

Without forgetting our thick plain round shoelaces of unrivaled premium quality with different lengths and colors, a good way to

                      "Find laces on your shoes"

For lovers of extreme walks or outdoor activity, we have created new very resistant round shoelaces in Paracord 550.

Thick colored and two-tone round laces

The thick round shoelaces, the round shoelace the exterior par excellence. As well for sneakers as on 

Doc Martens or Timberland.The perfect accessory to customize all demanding shoes!


thick round laces united for demanding shoes that seek quality!


Glitter round shoelaces

The madness of round glitter shoelaces in very fun colors.   


                                     Lacets ronds paillettes

Oval running sport shoelaces

Oval running sport shoelaces

  We love the quality of the product and its semi thick side which gives oval laces such a special design.           


Rope-Laces sports shoelaces

     Round laces "rope" high quality sport and leisure sneakers 100% polyester, perfect for your current sneakers

                              Lacets sports Rope-Laces                

Round laces trekking

 Our thick two-tone colour round laces trek for your outdoor and sport climbing shoes.

                      Lacets ronds Trekking                                                                                                            


Round paracorde 550 shoelaces

round paracord 550 shoelace 


Long round shoelaces

long round colored shoelaces for your high shoes several sizes available for your rangers and work shoes

                          Lacets longs ronds