Leather laces

Leather laces

Leather laces and linen laces 100% Naturel

Leather laces made by an artisan tanner, one of the last in France. The leather is 100% cowhide and vegetable tanned, all made in France.

Our leather laces are of very beautiful manufacture and can replace your old laces of your boat shoes, Dockside sebago, Timberland and Beverly. You can also wear the leather lace with your trainers or sneakers, the authentic touch!

The collection of linen laces we made from a manufacturer specializing in natural fibers, our laces are 100% linen and made in France. We chose linen for its incredible resistance and antimicrobial. A great way to wear natural laces.

Leather laces for boat shoes 100% Made in France

Supebe leather lace for your shoes and jewelry a quality collection made in France

Linen shoelaces

               Our eco-responsible collection, 100% linen shoelaces the least greedy on the planet.