Elastic U lace and Irun laces

Elastic U lace and Irun laces


Elastic colorful shoelaces performing and practicing. 

We work with the U Lace brand, we were seduced by the innovation of this type of elastic shoelace, by its practicality and the choice of colors. ULACE elastic laces adapt to all types of shoes by their ease of installation, there is now a collection specially made for children under 6 years old. "we sell the original U LACE".

 IRUN thin round elastic shoelaces called 'locklace' are suitable for running and trekking shoes.

The lace is locked by a shoelace stop. You will then no longer need lacing, you can also cut them according to the number of eyelets you need on your sneakers or shoes. Both brands are sold in packaging.

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U-Lace mini flat shoelaces

 ulace elastic laces revolutionary, perfect to put on his sneakers and shoes without tying