Irun - White Elastic Lace

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The Laces :

The innovative curved tips of the laces allow the wearer to lace shoes easily through the eyelet configurations in athletic shoes. The laces are made with multi-banded strands of elastic (the same elastic used for bungee cords) that won’t break or dry rot. The elastic laces give you greater flexibility with a tighter, more comfortable fit than cotton or nylon shoelaces. 

The locks :

The lock incorporates a sliding, spring activated device. The locks are made from a strong, durable nylon and use a high-tension alloy spring that won’t rust or corrode. The locking device holds the laces in place so they stay secure and maintain the same constant tension on the foot never loosening. 

       * Pack : 2 red laces and 2 red locklacets_irun_elastique_et_serrage

                    Unique size .
                    Length 120 cm "elastic"

 The elastic lace IRUN goes with every type of sports shoes for an athletic use or leisure activities.

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