Light gray nuanced flat leatherette laces "snake"

Product no.: LEZ1281

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8.90 / pair(s)

New 2019 Crazylace

Flat leatherette laces "snakeskin print".

Laces that will fit perfectly with your dress shoes and suits, for the ladies your best boots.

Descriptive :

Shoelaces "snakeskin style" flat waxed luxury with gold metal tip for added strength.

Material : Synthétique 0 animal

Colour : light gray nuanced

Size : 120 cm

Widht : 0,7 cm

Eyelet : 5 - 7 and finition and golden metal


We appreciate the chic side of the lace and its originality that will bring to your shoes a dandy or refined style ...

                  A nice gift to offer ... to your shoes!

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