Tan round laces PARACORDE 550

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New Paracorde 550 thick round laces for shoes that like to live 100%.

Our paracords are made of nylon with 7 strands for more resistance, like parachute ropes or climbing.

Material: Nylon 7 strands 
Color: Black
Available sizes: 140cm - 190cm -240cm
Diameter: 4.5 cm
Eyelets: 7 to 14 depending on the length
Finish: plastic tip


 We love the resistance PARACORDE 550 laces.
                           Its life and efficiency.

We chose to go on this type of cord, because today some shoes require to have very resistant laces, according to your trade or external activity for more comfort and longevity. (Military, hikers, fishermen and other outdoor sports activities.)

We created these paracordes in different colors and lengths.
The paracordes are also suitable for city boots.
* Professionals, you can request our catalog.


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