Red skateboard flat shoelaces

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Flat shoelaces for exigent shoes

The flat shoelaces Skateboard is a little lace than the classic shoelace. For better resistance and held on your snowsports shoes and other sports activities.


Descriptive :

Flat polyester shoelace - 14 colors - 3 sizes

Colour : Red

Size : 91 cm - 115 cm - 135 cm

Widht : 1,2 cm

Finish : Plastic

Material : Polyester

Eyelets : 4 - 8


Shoelaces for all types of shoes: Converse, Vans, Nike SB, Etnies, DC, Globe, Reebock and many other brands


Attention: Remember to always take the measure of your old shoelaces because at the base they were adapted to the models and the style. 

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