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         School starts again soon, 30 colors for our flat laces at a nice price.

Lacets plats classiques pour tous types de chaussures
Minis lacets élastiques U-Lace Lacets ovales running sport lacets ronds cirés pour chaussures de ville



Lacets ronds  PARACORDE 550  
Majorelle blue tie and dye flat shoelaces Cotton denim jeans flat shoelaces Pink gold glitter round shoelaces Two-tone white and red flat shoelaces Fine waxed flat shoelaces "marbled" snake
 Tie & dye flat shoelaces      Denim flat shoelaces   Glitter round shoelaces    Sports flat shoelaces    Snake flat shoelaces


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                Shoelaces Crazylace 

The dresser of your shoes since 2009

Our company created since 2009. All our products are made in France or made in Europe. We supply over 600 designs: flat laces, round laces, oval laces, wide laces, thin laces, colorful, with patterns, with linen, for all types of shoes – boots included.

We let you discover our collections and we are sure .That you shoes will find their happiness. CL

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Espace foot France Converse France Tie rack France Franprix et drugstore Geant casino France Groupe carrefour Cirque du soleil canada


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fashion accessories on Crazylace

Classic colored flat shoelaces
Premium Flat shoelaces
Premium skateboard flat shoelaces
Big fattie flat shoelaces 
Fine flat waxed cotton shoelaces              
Fine snake print flat shoelaces
Lurex glitter flat shoelaces
Waxed flat shoelaces for sneakers
Faux leather flat shoelaces
Flat shoelaces in denim jeans
Wide satin flat shoelaces
Wide organza flat shoelaces
Brazilian woven flat shoelaces
Sport woven flat shoelaces
Sport rope spider flat shoelaces
Printed and original flat shoelaces
"Tie and dye" gradient flat shoelaces
Colour double sided flat shoelaces
Flat shoelaces long boots and ankle boots



550 type III paracord round shoelaces   
Round rope lace sport shoelaces     
Trekking round shoelaces
Premium colour thick round shoelaces
Long round shoelaces boots 
Colorful round waxed cotton shoelaces
Colorful long round waxed cotton shoelaces
Thick twisted round cotton waxed shoelaces
Glitter round shoelaces
Special oval shoelaces for running shoes
Colored 100 % leather shoelaces for Boat shoes    
100% eco-friendly linen shoelaces
Elastic shoelaces with locking

U Lace elastic shoelaces

Zubits magnetic ties for shoelaces
Stop shoelaces and cords
Leather pompoms - jewelry for shoelaces​
New collection of shoelaces
Lookbook lacets de chaussures colorés


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