Flat laces United


Colored united flat laces

You will find different ranges of united flat laces.

Our brand of CL laces at good prices with 31 colors and high-end laces of premium qualities.

Colorful classic flat shoelaces

At crazylace, you will find lace from 2.90 euros with a multitude of colors that you can match with your clothes.


pink, yellow ....) They are become essential for our casual or sporty sneakers.   


Premium flat shoelaces

Our premium flat laces have been quality laces since 2009.

Lacets plats premiums

Premium sport flat shoelaces

The skateboard collection is designed to produce a better lace and Thick flat laces skateboard collection             

Big fatties flat laces premium

Big fatties flat XL laces to replace those of your Puma sneakers or other sneakers.

 big flat laces crazylace     

Colored extra long flat laces

Dress up your boots or ankle boots with long, colorful flat laces to brighten up your winter outfit

Red colored long flat laces